Spiritual Anarchist 

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You are on the website of Spiritual Anarchist Aka Brian Gordon.

At this point you may be wondering what this website is about. So knowing from the front page that this is a featured authors page you would expect to find an about me page.

So at this point I can tell you my named is Brian Gordon and I can tell you where I grew up and what my main interest are etc But if I do then I am perpetuating an illusion.

If there is a Brian Gordon then there are certain facts about his existence. But often when I describe my childhood and then my encounters with education my pursuit of music,art ,and metaphysics and relationship with my family .. my attitude towards politics,religion, women etc I feel like I am describing somebody that is not necessarily me. Worse those who seek to learn about who I am form many and continous false impressions about just who I am.

Anything I can reveal about my past such as "I grew up in Texas"  "Was Born in Maryland"   "Was raised Baptist"  are not only misleading descriptions of who I am but patently false.

Lets take these one at a time.

*  I was born September 18th 1970.  I grew up in Houston Texas until I was 16. Then my family told me that I was actually born in Annapolis Maryland. At 16 I moved back to Maryland.

Ok September 18th 1970 that is pretty specific right. And there is a birth certificate with that date and the name Brian Gordon.  So there it is. That is my legal identity. And I need that to make a living. The fact that I had a different name a different body and that I died on September 18th 1970 is simply not provable.

 You either accept reincarnation or you do not accept reincarnation. If you do not then at this point you may want to point out that I am talking gibberish. But even if you do believe in reincarnation that by itself would provide you no clues as to my previous lives and I certainly could not establish legal identities for any of them.

My point is what is irrelevant to you is not irrelevant to me. And who you think I am will have no relation  to who I know I am.  And this is just on the ego level.

On the soul level I do not claim any identity whatsoever though I admit to being attached to being Brian Gordon at this very moment. Yet I know that this identity is only the tiniest piece of who I really am.

I hope that you can understand that this is a website about a writer and about the nature of reality itself. I am a writer and I am a philosopher.
I am more a writer and philosopher than I am this person Brian Gordon and his history. But that will be for you to decide as you explore this site and read my writings.

So although this site is not about me, I acknowledge that I am a writer and this is my Author site.

So for what its worth I will include my "About Me" page as a seperate link on this page for those that insist that such a page might serve a real purpose. But I will still maintain that an about me page is about as impersonal as you can get. You will get to know me alot better by simply reading my writings. I leave this all up to you.  

 Ok  if you insist  I have an  About Me  page then just click. above. 


Otherwise feel free to ignore this and  just enjoy the rest of this site.