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Combining Spiritual Atheism with Philosophic Anarchism I have formed a new Philosophy not dependent on Ideology. I AM Spiritual Anarchist


What is a Spiritual Anarchist?

Many people have asked me what a Spiritual Anarchist is.

To understand the meaning of my name and the philosophy behind it you must first understand two different world views and how they come together.

The first view is called Spiritual Atheist.

I am quite certain that I am the one that originated this term. I came up with the term Spiritual Atheist when the internet first started and to my knowledge no one used this term before me.

I also came up with the term Philosophical Anarchist but I am not quite certain that I invented this term. To begin with Philosophical  Anarchism is opposed to all forms of Political Anarchism as I conceived it.  

But Anarchism has a long history and after doing a little research I did find that Philosophical Anarchism originated from a man named William Godwin :  (1756 –1836, liberal, utilitarian and individualist philosopher thought of as the founder of philosophical anarchism.)  

Source: Anarchist schools of thought
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As for the term Spiritual Atheist I stand by my claim that I invented the term.  

Unlike Philosophical Anarchism ... Spiritual Atheist when typed into google does not bring up a history of the term.

Instead you get a link to an entry for Spiritual but not religious - Wikipedia and Atheism which jumps you directly to 

Atheism, religions and spirituality

Further information: Nontheistic religions

 So if you want to learn more about Philosophical Anarchism and Spiritual Atheism and how I combine both views to create Spiritual Anarchism please click the link at the bottom of this introduction.

Take into consideration that the term Spiritual Anarchist has never been used before I did around  1986.

And still has not been defined outside the websites I have put up over the years.

The only mention I found of the term is by Peter Lamborn Wilson which was in a speech where somebody had to give him a date for when he started his lectures.

Which was coincidentally around the end of 1985.  

And he also begins his speech with a lot of content that could be found on my website at the time from Shamanism to a different view of Jesus's teachings.

I am surprised he didn't mention Quantum Physics. 

If you want to hear the real definition of this term and the full philosophy including the vision I had ...as well intent behind creating the name Spiritual Anarchist

...and if you want to understand the movement behind it you have come to the right place.

Simply click the link below.


All content unless otherwise stated is the property ofBrian Gordon AKA Spiritual Anarchist.

More Information Coming Soon!    This will be broadcast Live on You Now

More Information Coming Soon!    This will be broadcast Live on You Now



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