Just Call Me Jesus

I want to sit in on this game. Put me between Jesus and Buddha and deal me in. But be prepared for a lot bluffing ...also be prepared to fold once you realize the deck is stacked. And if sarcasm were smoke then this room would be so filled you wouldn't be able to see other peoples faces to try to read them. And you might be choking on your own laughter. 


Social Repose

What can i say About Richie?

He is a good friend I met through Jaclyn Glenn. Meaning I followed Jaclyn on YouTube then on You Now and she often Broadcast with Richie. So I started watching his videos. And I started watching him on You Now. I can definitely related to the sad but not too sad vibe.

As for his music all I can say is you need to experience it for yourself. 

OK here are a few things I found on Famous Birthdays

Electronic dance pop recording artist who started the musical project Social Repose. In 2015, Social Repose released the album Yalta, which featured the single "Island of Yours."


Family Life

He married YouTuber Jaclyn Glenn in 2016. He was previously in a relationship with popular Instagrammer Ayalla The Bunny.

Associated With

He has posted covers to YouTube of artists such as Nicki Minaj, Bring Me the Horizon, Falling In Reverse and more.



The Vegan Cheetah

Somewhere between Stephen Colbert and Milo Yiannopoulos you will find the content of Vegan Cheetah. 

With sometimes Brutal Honesty and other times just pushing all the buttons in the elevator to see what his fans will do... things are always taken to another level. Even if the door opens at every floor before you can find your room don't worry you weren't planning on getting any sleep anyway. 

This broadcaster may have brief burst of honesty but be warned he has raised Trolling to an art form. 

So if you want some Vegan Drama or just want to hear him call out over the top Social Justice Warriors you won't be disappointed.

But be warned if you are easily triggered you would be better off going to another Broadcast.