This is about Spiritual Anarchist TV.  

Welcome to the page of the Broadcaster Spiritual Anarchist. I am here to promote Spiritual Atheism and Philosophical Anarchism.  My broadcasts are often about the Metaphysical Questions that directly affect our view of purpose behind our existence.

The question "What is the nature of Reality is directly connected to who "you" really are. 

To explore this everyone must become a Philosopher. To this end I am promoting Artist and Musicians as well as anything that uplifts the spirits and expands the mind.


Our Mission

The Goal is to use this Broadcast with the help of my Fans to transform this world by creating a New Reality. 

My Karma Ran Over My Dharma.
— Unknown

What We've Achieved              Our Future goals

  • 112 Fans and growing
  • Adding Special Guests
  • To Achieve 200 Fans+
  • Add a Spiritual Anarchist Intro (Song)
  • Create A Format For The Shows